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WordPress Categories: How do they Help?

When you make a new post for your WordPress blog, you have the option to categorize it. Some people don’t take time to do it, however SEO professionals will tell you it’s a serious error not to.

It’s really quite simple to add a category and can be done when you are writing the blog article by clicking on Add New Category on the right side beneath Categories or selecting an existing one.

An additional way to add a category is by clicking on Posts -> Categories from the dashboard menu. This will take you to the complete categories page so you can edit and manage all of your categories simultaneously.

You can also create sub-categories in a hierarchy structure if needed to simply navigate the categories. A slug (which is the URL version of the category) is generated automatically for the category.

Depending on the template you’re utilizing, you might want to add a brief description for the category for the reason that certain themes will show the description.

Also you can eliminate categories on this page. When you remove a category, it won’t do away with your blog post. Rather, it results in the particular post to go back to the default category of “Uncategorized.”

Categories help your web visitors to navigate your web site more efficiently. Many people actually rely on them to find what they need.

Take care when ever using categories since you can certainly over-use them as well. In the event that you have a long scrolling list of categories on your blog, it can possibly confuse your viewers. Therefore it’s wise to have them to a minimum and employ sub-categories instead.

To learn more about tags look at the How to Maximize the Use of WordPress Tags post.


The right way to buy a website online

When you buy a website, ensure that it comes with a lot of text content rich with keywords that apply to the products or services you will be offering or promoting. It should have a professional look and feel, but you don’t need it to be too elaborate.

Buying a website can have benefits over building one. It simply depends whether you have the know-how or information to do so. Whenever you are looking to buy a website, be sure it’s a full solution. A few advantages of buying a website are: it may be generating revenue, ranking for certain keywords or just plain save you lots of time.

After you buy a website, marketing your website will be the key to it’s success combined with the content that is in your website. Those are the things you will target if you want to have a successful online business. That’s where the work will start. This is what requires the most of one’s time, because if you never market your website, the customers will never come to your website. They won’t find you out of the numerous websites that are out there.

There are several things you will be doing with your new website. Above all, you will be writing articles such as this one about the product or service you sell and subject matter relevant to them. You will also spend some time submitting these articles to websites that offer free content and articles to webmasters.

Plenty of webmasters are hungry for good authentic website content. They go to content suppliers and pull articles related to their products or services and put those articles on their websites. Since your article includes an author bio section at the bottom with links to your website, every website owner that inserts your article on their website is now an additional website which links to you.

This increases your backlink building, which in turn helps you improve listings in search engine results for your keywords. Publishing one article every day will move you up within the search engine rankings in no time.

You can even post on blogs and forums which are associated with your products or services. In the signature line you can put a hyperlink to your website. In this subtle way you not only produce another website which has a backlink to your website, but by taking part in the forum or blog you might just have users there that want to see your website and might want to buy your product or services.

Keep in mind that anytime you buy a website, be sure to choose a niche that you’re serious about as well as finding a seller that will offer further information to help you in the process.

Four Strategies of Operating a Prosperous Internet Business

Managing an online business is not a difficult job; but operating a productive internet business is usually a bit more challenging. Right now there are many people who have their own internet business, but much of them are not having any success at all. If you want to achieve success when managing your online business, there’s a couple of guidelines you might keep in mind.

1. Before you can manage a productive web based business, you are going to need the necessary knowledge. In simple terms, if you are looking to begin a web based business, decide on an industry that you are currently familiar with. By way of doing this you’ll ensure yourself of knowing where to begin, and how to handle challenges as they occur. Needless to say, it is possible to run a prosperous web based business even though you do not have past experience. You will want to make sure that you research your options before starting. This way you will possess some background info on the field in lieu of merely going into the endeavor blind.

2. Ensure that you are organized from the very start. The most successful internet businesses are ones who have a top quality business and marketing system prepared from the beginning. This will assist you to stick to your strategy as the days and nights go by so that you do not get lost. It is tough to achieve success in anything if you do not realize where you are attempting to go. A strategic business plan will provide you with an idea about how you would like your enterprise to progress, where a marketing plan will point you on how to grow your firm. These usually are 2 things that are synonymous with each successful online business.

3. Never be embarrassed to ask for help if you’re having a difficult time. A great deal of business people do not like to ask anyone for help because they do not want to harm their pride. This is something that you need to come to grips with before you even start. It’s extremely hard to be aware of every aspect about your field, so there are occasions when you will need to ask questions. Rather of thinking about this being a bad thing, why not look at it as a means of making new business relationships? If you’re having a technical dilemma that you just can’t figure out, you should get in contact with an IT business straight away. There is nothing wrong with doing this. Believe it or not, if you don’t seek advice to other people you will only be holding your company back.

4. Never reinvent the wheel, by following a well established Internet Marketing Plan you’ll be able to take a shortcut to your online success.

By following the ideas previously you’re going to be well on your way to managing a successful internet business. Remember, anyone can run a business, but to be successful you’ll have to be motivated.

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Simple Methods to Launch a Passive Income Niche Website in Around 30 minutes.

Have you ever thought or been thinking of starting a website to make more money? One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned by creating websites for people is often that most of the people just don’t understand where to start or are frightened to death about many of the technical aspects required. So the majority of folks quit before they even begin. Eventhough we develop turnkey niche websites for folks to get started easily, I simply wanted to share ways to produce an internet marketing or niche website in 30 minutes or less.

Step 1: Considering a Domain Name

Identifying the domain name or web address of your niche website should be thought about first and based on the niche you are thinking about. The domain name should include the keyword or keywords of the niche. As an illustration, you’ve selected Fishing as your niche, subsequently you may very well select something similar to as your domain name. After you have made your decision you will have to register your domain name using a registrar like or GoDaddy. Sometimes hosting providers will offer this service as well.

Step 2: Look for a Hosting Provider

When thinking about choosing the best hosting provider for your passive income niche website, the options are almost endless. This is not a complicated task but it could possibly be a laborious one hunting through all the options available. The easiest way to go with a quality web host is to ensure that they have competitive prices, WordPress support (preferably 1-click install so there are no computer saavy skills needed) and great support. Some examples of those would definitely be HostGator, BlueHost and DreamHost.

Step 3: Installing WordPress

WordPress is considered among the least difficult content management systems available and it’s supported with 1000s of plugins to do nearly anything. WordPress is very effortless to install on any server that supports PHP 4.3 or higher and MySQL 4.0 or higher. However, having a 1-click install interface is going to make it dead simple. This way just about anybody can be started within a few minutes. Depending upon the hosting provider, simply follow the steps given by them and you will be prepared to setup WordPress in approximately 5 minutes.

Step 4: Configuring Your Website

Now that you have WordPress setup, you may want to alter the default look of your website. There are literally thousands of free and paid themes created for WordPress. You can do a search in Google for WordPress themes to locate one which suits your needs. After you locate the theme you want, you must download the zip file.

Installing the Theme

To install any theme on WordPress is really simple. Log into your website’s administrator panel and click the Appearance menu item on the left hand side.

On the next page, click the tab at the top labeled Install Themes. Then under that click the Upload link.

From here you will be able to Browse to choose the theme’s zip file and click Install Now to upload and install it to your site.

If it’s not already activated, in the Manage Themes tab make sure you activate it by clicking Activate.
Installing Plugins

Adding extra functionality or features to your website is effortless too. The probability is a plugin is created that may well accomplish what you need.

Searching for and installing plugins is snap by clicking on Plugins -> Add New on the left hand side menu.

Here are some plugins I recommend adding on pretty much any new niche website. Keep in mind, the key is to always keep your niche website simple, so keep the number of plugins installed to a small number. Every one of them can be found via the WordPress plugin dashboard.

  • All-In-One SEO: Essential for SEO and straightforward to use.
  • Contact Form 7: The easiest way to add a contact form to your blog.
  • TubePress: Easily integrate YouTube Videos within your website.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress: Easily integrate your Google Analytics account inside your new site
  • Google XML Sitemaps: This plugin generates a sitemap for the website and also updates it when changes are made.
  • Quick Adsense: Easily insert Google Adsense into pages and/or posts. Great for passive income.

Step 5: Create Your Content

Now that you’ve got your website installed and configured, the final thing is to get it populated with article content. Crafting articles based on your niche keywords will help to produce search engine traffic as time goes on. Additionally, you’ll need to populate it with affiliate programs and/or products related to your niche. Programs for instance ClickBank, Amazon or individual affiliate programs can be utilized. Our recommendation is that you might try to incorporate the affiliate programs/products within your articles in the process and you will be on the journey to producing passive income on your own niche website.

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